How To Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Down


Shapewear is fast becoming one of the most sought after pieces of underwear and most of us have at least one piece of much-loved shapewear in our wardrobes. The majority of us will probably have far more!

Alas it’s not all plain sailing. Sometimes your shapewear can shift and stop working the way you want it to. Sadly, this slippage tends to happen more with frequent wear which means your favourite item can soon lose its effect.

How To Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Down. Using shapewear that has a Grip-Strip or straps already fitted is my main tip to stop your shapewear from rolling down. You can also hook your shapewear into your bra to keep it in place. Ensuring you choose the correct size shapewear is also very important.

Quick Overview

There are a number of simple steps you can take to stop your shapewear from rolling down and keep everything nicely in place. Here is a quick summary of the main points.

  • Select shapewear that has a Grip Strip
  • Use shapewear that has straps already fitted
  • Hook your shapewear into your bra
  • Ensure you select the correct size for your body
  • Use the correct amount of compression
  • Ensure your shapewear is put on correctly

As they say, the devil is in the detail. Next up we delve into 12 important tips you should know to help you keep your shapewear in place.

12 Tips To Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Down

Your favourite shapewear can feel like a minor miracle as it smooths away any lumps or bumps and makes you feel confident with your body shape.

However, it is not without its issues and the most frustrating of these is when it starts to roll down from the top, allowing you to spill out in less desirable ways. Here are 12 great tips to ensure everything stays where it should be.

1. Choose The Most Suitable Type of Shapewear

Sometimes, our shapewear starts to roll because we are asking it to perform a job it is not entirely designed for. If you know you want to smooth out your back and upper torso, opting for a set of high-waisted briefs might seem like a solution. We need to remember where the majority of control is designed to work for each shapewear garment.

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High-waisted briefs for example have a powerful control panel across the stomach but there is little more to support at the top of the back. In a case like this, it would be far better to choose a bodysuit or even a vest with straps as there will be far more control at the upper back and straps that will stop the shapewear from rolling down in this key area.

2. Understanding How To Select The Correct Size

One of the reasons shapewear might not sit right or stay put could be because it does not fit correctly in the first place. Many people opt for shapewear that is the wrong size because it is the type of clothing that is designed to feel tight. Some women choose shapewear in the sizes they want to appear and put any discomfort down to the slightly misguided belief that the shapewear is doing its job.

If your shapewear is too small, it is even more likely to roll down. Worse still, it is likely to cause lumps and bulges in unnecessary areas and could create the effect of making you look larger, rather than slimmer. To choose the correct size, you need to measure your bust, waist, and hips while wearing standard underwear (not shapewear) and use the manufacturer’s size guide to help you find the correct item.

Some shapewear is measured in inches, some in centimeters, while others use standard dress sizes. If you are ordering online you need to check the size guide against your actual measurements very carefully. If you are trying shapewear on in a shop, you can try bending, sitting, and walking so that you can tell how comfortable different sizes feel.

3. Use The Correct Amount Of Compression

Not all shapewear is the same and most is accurately labelled according to the amount of compression they are likely to offer. The more nylon used in the item, the stronger the compression is likely to be. If you are simply looking to target a key area and generally tone any lumps or bumps, a medium compression should be enough.

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If you are looking for a more exaggerated alteration, you need to select the highest levels of compression which will usually include panels of thick material that will pull your body into shape. Perhaps even consider a corset.

4. Select Shapewear That Has a Grip Strip

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Some shapewear, especially those with a high waist, can come with a grip strip that is a thin line of rubber or silicone designed to stick to your skin to help the shapewear stay up. It’s not literally “sticky” and won’t leave a residue behind but it forms a kind of seal with your skin. They are really effective at helping your underwear stay in the right place.

You can even buy specially designed grip tape that you can add to shapewear to give it this feature. A line, or a number of lines, of super supple grip tape won’t feel uncomfortable or create a visible line.

5. Hook Your Shapewear Into Your Bra

Many women have found a quick and free solution to stop shapewear from rolling down. Simply tuck it into your existing bra! This works particularly well with anything high-waisted.

Simply pull the top of your shapewear up and tuck it under your bra so you can use the strap of your bra to help it stay up. This can also help to avoid any further risk of visible lines even under very tight clothing. For even more security, you could hook your shapewear onto your bra, either by using straps like Hold Me Ups or a simple safety pin provided you are very careful.

6. Ensure Your Shapewear Is Put On Correctly

Putting on shapewear requires a little more thought than just throwing on a dress and lingerie and heading for the door. If your shapewear is not correctly fitted, it won’t make you look slimmer and can even cause some odd-looking bumps and ridges that can have the opposite effect.

Firstly, you need to make sure your skin is completely dry all over. It can be very difficult to put on shapewear when you are feeling clammy after a shower so make sure you allow your body and skin to fully dry and cool down first. As shapewear is designed to be quite tight, you often need to roll it onto your body as you would a pair of tights or long socks.

You also need to make sure that all of your shapewear is correctly lined up so any cups or lines appear exactly where they should. For best results, you need a full-length mirror to help you see exactly where your shapewear is sitting on your body.

7. Buy Shapewear Hold Me Up Straps

If your shapewear is not designed to include its own straps, you could add your own by purchasing them separately. Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups are designed to loop around your existing bra to hold up any other type of shapewear you are wearing.

They simply clip onto the shapewear which means they can be used with any brand. The clips work like suspender belts and stockings and designed so all the fastenings appear on the inside to minimise the chances of creating visible lines.

8. Use Shapewear That Has Straps Already Fitted

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If shapewear rolling down is an issue for you, you could try to avoid anything that is fighting gravity in order to stay up. There are so many shapewear varieties that have their own straps that worry about rolling down shapewear can quickly become a thing of the past.

For example, full bodysuits, shapewear camisoles, shapewear slips and even shapewear dresses all include straps over the shoulder which means your shapewear need never slip or move out of position.

9. Use Fashion Tape To Keep Everything In Place

Fashion tape works in the same way as rubber grip strips. It is excellent at helping fabric “stick” to skin without leaving any unpleasant residue behind. It is a wonderful invention that can be used for all sorts of purposes, including holding up low-cut tops and helping shapewear stay in place.

You won’t need to overdo it on the tape front, either; simply cut a couple of inches and attach to each side, with an extra one in the middle for added security if needed.

10. Wait A While After Taking A Bath Or Shower

Trying to put shapewear on when you have just stepped out of the shower is a mild form of torture. Your skin will be damp and clammy and you will be probably feel quite hot. Even if you roll up your shapewear carefully, it will stick to your body as you put it on, making it almost impossible to get it in the right position.

The more you try to rearrange it, the more the shapewear will stretch in different directions and the less likely it is to end up in the correct position for it to work effectively.

The best method is to wait a little while until your body is completely dry before you start attempting to put on your shapewear. This way, it should slide effortlessly over your dry skin and be far more forgiving. This will allow you to pull it gently into place without feeling as though it is getting “stuck” along the way.

The same is true if you use a body moisturiser, as your skin will again feel slightly damp. Wait until the moisturiser has been fully absorbed or putting on your shapewear will take more than twice as much effort.

11. Allow Your Shapewear To Settle

By ‘settle’ we mean that your shapewear needs to find the right position on your body and stay there. You can do this by helping it along with a little extra movement.

Once you have stepped into your shapewear and unrolled it slowly into the right place, try to move your body as much as possible. Sit, flex, bend, and wiggle so that the shapewear has a the chance to adjust slightly with every movement until the whole item is sitting comfortably in exactly the right spot.

It may look a little strange, but this is one of the best ways to help your shapewear align itself to your body so that it is exactly right. It needs to mould itself to work effectively. It is important to make sure this happens before you add any other clothing or you could inadvertently restrict your shapewear from finding its true final position.

12. Choose Quality Shapewear

There are many brand names out there that can be trusted. Shapewear can also be bought from several different sources, some of which might be copied from the original. Imitation shapewear or cheaper alternatives might not be made or tested to the same high standard as more expensive shapewear which could make it more likely to move or roll down while you wear it.

Similarly, shapewear that is not as well made could be cut slightly differently so it doesn’t fit as well. Poorer quality shapewear is also likely to be made from worse performing fabrics which might not last as long or maintain its elasticated features. It’s recommend you stick to brands you know you can trust.

Key Take-Aways

Shapewear really is a miracle underwear as it can make dreams come true for so many of us. However, when it rolls down it can become a bit of a nightmare.

Fortunately, the 12 tips discussed will help make your shapewear stay put so that you can continue to stay confident of it’s shaping poropeties. What’s more, most of these tips cost nothing. As long as you put your shapewear on carefully and take some steps to help it stay put, you should be able to relax and enjoy yourself without spending all evening worrying about your underwear.

With so many different kinds of shapewear on the market today, there is definitely something for everyone whether you simply want a neat outline with no lumps or bumps or if you want to pull your shape into the perfect hourglass.

Taking good care of your shapewear and following the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to washing and drying will help it to last longer and reduce the risk of it slipping or starting to roll down. I would avoid drying my shapewear anywhere near a heat source, as heat and elastic never really go well together. It is a good idea to check your shapewear for wear and tear after each wash to make sure it is still able to perform.

There’s nothing worse than constantly thinking about your underwear, or having to make several unnecessary visits to the bathroom just to get everything back in the right place. How can you enjoy your evening when you are constantly trying to check that your shapewear isn’t halfway down your body?

Just by choosing the right types of shapewear and following a few simple tricks, you can ensure your shapewear works for you instead of the other way around.

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