How Do Stick On Bras Work?


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Finding the perfect bra for a strapless or backless dress used to be a bit of a nightmare. That was of course until the magical stick on bra became available. The stick on bra (also known as the ‘sticky bra’) enables you to wear strapless, sleeveless and backless dresses with no visible bra straps on show and still have support.

How Do Stick On Bras Work? Stick on bras work by adhering somewhat magically to your breasts. Most stick on bras are adjustable in the middle to enable you to tweak your cleavage for your desired shape. This bra is possibly the most convenient and versatile of them all.

Some call this bra magical, and who can blame them? However there are a few important tips and tricks that can ensure your stick on bra fits correctly, and also lasts far longer. Let’s take a closer look.

How Do Stick On Bras Work?

Stick on bras work by adhere to your breasts using sticky pads located on the inside of each cup.

The moment you unbox your stick on bra, you will see a plastic film covering the adhesive side of each cup (on the inside). Peel off the plastic film and stick on each breast. Start on the outer edge of one breast and smooth on the cup towards the center. Do the same with the other cup. You may need to practice a few times to get them even. Make sure you do this in front of the mirror.

Once both cups are even, you can adjust the middle laces if your bra has them. For stick-on bras that don’t have laces, you can adjust your cleavage by sticking on the adhesive starting further out on your breast’s outer edge. This way, when you hook your bra in the middle, this pulls both breasts closer together, since you stuck the cups wider apart.

How Do You Wear A Stick On Bra?

You can wear a stick-on bra the same way as a normal bra. The difference is that instead of straps, clasps or hooks, the stick on bra remains adhered to your breasts with an adhesive on the entire inside of each cup. The entire inner part of the bra is basically a giant sticker.

Quality stick on bras use a gentle adhesive, more like subtle post-it note strength rather than super strong Gorilla Tape. Thus, you won’t have to worry about pain when removing. The bra is gentle to apply and more importantly gentle to remove.

What Are They Made From?

Sticky bras are either made of silicone or polyurethane. The interior of each cup is lined with a washable adhesive that you can re-use over and over again. Unlike the older version of use-only-once sticky bras, the latest stick on bras are made with greater performing adhesives that you can re-use.

Are Silicone Bras Safe?

Silicone is safe when used on your skin unless you have a silicon allergy. Silicone when this is inserted inside the body, like in breast enhancement surgery can be dangerous. However, when used outside of your breasts, silicone is safe to use.

What Difference Types Of Stick On Bra Can You Get?

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There are many different types of stick-on bras you can get. Keep in mind that all stick-on bras are strapless and backless. Some have lace fronts, some have hook or clasp fronts. The cup size varies from a semi half-cup or a full cup. There are also tapes available.

Stick-on bras come in various colours, the most popular being beige, pink, black, nude or white.

Do They Work For All Breast Sizes?

Stick on bras work for all breast sizes, although it is important to choose the correct cup size. While smaller cups can work on larger breasts, stick-on bras with larger cups will feel hollow on smaller breasts and won’t have anything to adhere to. So ensure you choose the correct cup size for your breasts.

Can They Give A Push-up Effect?

Stick on bras can give you a push-up effect for your cleavage. The sticky cups pulls each breast towards the center. You can control the amount of “pull” to get the cleavage amount you want for the day. The silicon’s width can also give you a slightly more fuller appearance.

How Do You Put On A Stick On Bra?

You put on your stick on bra by starting on the outer edge of one breast and then doing the same to the other breast. Make sure both cups are even. Once each cup is sticking on your breast, clasp or lace them together it the bra has that feature. You will feel a bit of a tug as your boobs get clasped together. Once you are laced up or clasped, you are good to go.

If your stick on bra does not have laces or a clasp, you can simply adjust your cleavage by sticking on the adhesive starting further out on your breast’s outer edge.

Are Stick On Bras Reusable?

Yes, stick on bras are reusable. All you have to do after wearing your bra is to wash (but not soak) each cup with warm soapy water to wash off any body oil. Your body oil weakens the adhesion over time. Once you have washed both cups, let them naturally dry (do not tumble dry) and they will be ready to use again. You can re-use stick-on bras multiple times, the manufacturer should give some indication of how often on the packaging.

Can I Wash My Stick on Bra?

Yes, stick on bras are washable. All you need to do is wash them (but do not soak) in warm soapy water on the inner and outer cups. Dab them dry and let them air-dry before wearing them again. They need to be completely dry when you wear them because any kind of moisture weakens the way they stick to your skin. After your sticky bra is dry, you can re-use this again and it should feel as good as new.

Do Stick On Bras Lose Their Stickiness?

Sticky bras can lose their stickiness when you perspire. Also your the oils of your skin can also weaken the bras adhesive. However, once you gently wash the sticky bra, the bras should adhere once more to your skin.

A stick on bra will need replacing after a number of wears as although washing will re-energise the bra, eventually it will need replacing. This varies from bra to bra.

How To Make A Stick On Bra Sticky Again

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To make a sticky bra sticky again, all you need to do is to wash (but not soak) it with mild soap and warm water. Pat the sticky bra dry and let it air dry completely. Once dry, your sticky bra should be sticky again, if not then I am afraid its time to buy a new one.

What If It Looses It’s Stickiness?

Unfortunately the adhesive in a stick on bra will not last forever. If the adhesive is no longer sticky even after gently washing, then it’s time to buy a new one.

How Long Will It Stay In Place?

Your sticky bra should stay in place the entire time you are wearing them. Once you perspire you may feel them loosening. However, if you don’t sweat the entire time, you should not even feel that you are wearing a sticky bra and just go through your day as usual.

What Else Can I Do To Make It Stick For Longer?

My 4 main tips to make your stick on bar last longer are:

  1. Gently wash (do not soak) in soapy water and let dry naturally.
  2. If you use body lotion, then do not lotion your breasts.
  3. Ensure you are completely dry before you apply the bra.
  4. If you know you will be doing a lot of physical activity and may perspire when wearing the stick on bra then bring a backup one with you.

Closing Thoughts

As far as backless bras go, the stick on silicone bra is truly revolutionary. They are easy to wear, comfortable, provide support and the complete freedom from bra straps, clasps, and hooks. You might even forget you have them on completely.

As the self-adhesive is washable, you can wear them multiple times as long as you take good care of your bra. This is the ideal go-to bra for backless and strapless dresses.

No wonder this bra has gotten more and more popular. It seems we cannot get enough of the convenience and freedom that the stick on bra can give.

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