Choosing Lingerie By Your Body Shape


With such a huge array of fabrics, styles, and colors to choose from, shopping for lingerie can make your head spin. I feel it’s every bit as important as choosing an outfit for a special event, maybe more so.

Mastering the art of choosing lingerie by your body shape is vital for getting the right type of fit to ensure full attention to your best features. Perfectly fitting lingerie will boost your confidence and overall feeling of “je ne sais pas”.

Women wear lingerie mainly for themselves because it can make you feel both empowered and desirable. It is fashion’s enigma that adds a certain glow to everything you do.

Some of us prioritise comfort, selecting materials that feel smooth or rich against the skin. Others are motivated by lingerie sets that really suit their body shape, knowing that the right set not only looks fabulous on its own but can also enhance what you choose to wear on the outside.

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Lingerie By Body Shape

As with all outfits, correctly choosing lingerie by body shape will accentuate your specific curves to make you look (and more importantly feel) your best.

With so many different types and styles available, there is no reason why anyone can’t find the perfect lingerie set that will best define their curves and make them feel more energized. The key is to draw extra attention to your favorite parts while covering or balancing other areas to create your perfect look.

Before we dive right in and discuss what types of lingerie look better on certain body shapes, you may find our related post below useful for a clear understanding of the myriad of different lingerie types available.

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Lingerie for Hourglass Body Shape

Deemed traditionally sexy by examples such as Marilyn Monroe, the perfect hourglass shape includes a tucked-in waist and chest and hip area of matching width. In general, women with hourglass shapes can look amazing in any style of lingerie as they are naturally the perfect shape.

Anything which accentuates the waist will draw attention to those gradual curves, so clingy body suit might help make more of your natural features than a floaty slip. Lingerie sets can also look fantastic as cleavage and hips are perfectly balanced to create a sense of harmony and symmetry that is very appealing.

Lingerie for Pear Body Shape

A pear-shaped body is typically smaller on top with a wider bottom, including women who are small chested with larger hips. Fuller hips are very fashionable at the moment and lingerie that accentuates this feature like a teddy or floaty babydoll could be a perfect choice. This body shape is also referred to as a triangle since it is wider at the bottom than the top.

Some pear-shaped ladies may look to achieve a stronger sense of balance through accentuating their smaller chest by using a push-up bra or corset or a bold and striking bra with intricate detail that draws the eye to the upper part of the body. This shape is quite flexible in terms of being able to wear most types of lingerie.

Lingerie for Diamond Body Shape

The diamond is also known as the apple since it is wider in the middle and can have a narrow chest and hips although fuller hips are also included in apple shape. The waist is not defined in this body type and is the widest part of the body.

The best lingerie for diamond-shaped bodies will help to add proportion such as a lacy camisole with high-cut briefs that can draw attention to the chest and hips. A loose teddy or floaty babydoll or slip can also disguise a wider waist and accentuate the cleavage to create a sense of balance.

Lingerie for Slim Body Type

Slim body types can be rectangular and athletic with matching measurements at chest and waist combined with a flat stomach. These can include a straight waist or an hourglass outline. That desirable flat stomach makes for very flexible choices in lingerie and low waisted briefs or waist-cut camisoles can really draw attention to the area.

Similarly, clinging body suits and teddies also look fantastic on slip bodies. Some women with slim body types are small chested and like to add to this area by choosing a bustier, corset or push up bra to add the impression of more cleavage. A chemise that clings slightly to the body will also look alluring.

Lingerie for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Like the hourglass but with narrow hips, the inverted triangle can include broad-shouldered or broad-chested ladies. Some women opt to create the illusion of an equal balance by choosing delicately decorated briefs or suspender belts that draw the eye down the body and help make the chest area less pronounced.

Pretty straps and decoration along the top of a pretty camisole can also add focus in the chest area that suggests depth rather than width which can be well balanced with frills and flair at the hips. A plunging neckline in a negligee or teddy will also help create a sense of length as opposed to width by lowering the central feature.

Lingerie for Round Body Shape

Like the apple shape, a round body type can include a wider waist combined with full hips and breasts. There are plenty of curves to adorn here and you can choose lingerie to accentuate your favorite feature.

Matching lingerie sets are perfect as they help create a sense of balance while simultaneously accentuating both the cleavage and hips. Similarly, a playsuit or negligee can elongate the body to draw attention away from the waist.

Lingerie for Athletic Body Shape

Athletic body types can be straight and slim with small chests and well-defined legs and arms. To accentuate their best features, an athletic type might like to wear something like a teddy or matching lingerie set with high-cut briefs that will really show off amazing legs.

A suspender belt or low corset can also add detail to the mid-section to accentuate a toned torso and off-set a straight waist. Any flowing negligee or chemise that clings will also show off this sleek outline.

Lingerie for Straight Body Shape

As with athletic types, adding detail to the waist section can add the impression of curves and a corset can be a great option to give the waist a little more definition. Longer bodies can look great with detail to the mid-section brought about by longer bras and bustiers or straps.

Most straight bodies have equal measurements at the hips and waist and this can help create a sleek look with long flowing negligee or an attractive chemise. Some women with straight body types might also like to choose a padded or push-up bra to add curves to the cleavage area.


Overall, correctly choosing lingerie by your body shape is no different to selecting any other outfit. You have to consider personal preference and comfort as well as understanding how best to accentuate key areas of your body shape.

Once you have found some lingerie that makes you look great, you can wear it wherever or whenever you like to give you a feeling of extra confidence and vitality. When you know you look fantastic, you can really feel your best and wearing the right lingerie is the perfect way to shine on the inside.

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