10 Best Size-Inclusive Underwear Brands


Body positivity is an essential part of your wellbeing, and women of every shape are demanding better from lingerie designers. The best size-inclusive underwear brands are at the forefront of a sizing revolution.

Lingerie may well be the most crucial part of the fashion industry for plus size women. After all, nothing can make you feel as good, or bad, in your own skin as lingerie.

If it fits well and the design suits your body, the best plus-size lingerie can make you feel sexy, sensual, and powerful. Wrong lingerie, by contrast, highlights all of the things one is perhaps insecure about. As a result, more and more brands are launching size-inclusive underwear lines that are taking the digital high-street by storm. 

Best Size-Inclusive Underwear Brands

We’ve lined up 10 of the best size-inclusive underwear brands who have created plus-size lingerie that is youthful, sexy, fun, and oh-so vibrant.

1. Curvy Kate

Sparks Fly Plunge Body


Curvy Kate is a brand that seeks to redress the imbalance in body representation by catering specifically to curvier women. Offering back sizes from 30 to 40 and cup sizes from D to J, they are far more plus-size inclusive than even the best of broad-spectrum brands.

You can see that Curvy Kate perfectly accommodates plus size women; the designs are pretty, sexy, and designed to flatter larger bodies. The Sparks Fly Latte/Silver Plunge Body is a perfect example. Delicate yet structured, it has big cups and relatively strong yet slim straps which will offer support to larger breasted women while still looking light and airy.

While the colour of this particular bodysuit is muted, the brand has more vibrant and bolder designs to offer. Especially for those who like a little wow factor in their lingerie!


61% Polyamide, 31% Polyester, 5% Elastane, 3% Metal Fibre

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You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Curvy Kate:

2. Beija London

Forecast Thong


Beija London jumped into the body positivity movement with an ethos that can be summed up as “each body is different, and that’s ok”. Their three categories, X, Y, and Z, offer underwear to different sized bodies, perfectly meeting their requirements.

Here is a simple example of how this works. The category X is designed for smaller busts and bodies and never has underwire. At the same time, size Z catering for larger breasts and bodies, offering full support.

No matter the sizing, the designs produced are incredibly feminine and sexy. They accommodate sizes UK 6 to 20, which may not be immensely inclusive. Still, they do offer equally pretty designs for each size.

The Forecast thong and bra set is a perfect example of their style. The dark, blue lace with the pale underlayer is classically beautiful with the balconette style cup looking very flattering on fuller busts.


90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

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You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Beija London:

3. Tomboy X



Tomboy X is not only size-inclusive. The brand offers underwear which caters to every end of the gender spectrum. Their range of soft yet supportive bras, bralettes, and sports bras accommodate every type of body. On top of that, the brand offers a range of ‘holdster’ bras designed for women who have undergone a unilateral mastectomy.

This Tomboy X Bralette is an excellent example of the styles the brand has to offer. Soft, lightly padded, and supportive, it is also elegant and well-made. The satin finish and floral pattern make the otherwise sport design feel girlish and feminine.

This bralette, in particular, is better suited to smaller chested women due to the limited space in the ‘cup’ section. Nonetheless, the line as a whole is very good at offering size-inclusive options. Their elegant models, bold colours, and simple choices will suit every person.

In fact, Tomboy X is undoubtedly the best brand on the market for inclusivity as a whole.


95% MicroModal, 5% spandex

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Tomboy X:

4. Ivory Rose

Red Unpadded Lace Body


Ivory Rose Lingerie is a brand which caters specifically to larger breasted women. It is owned and operated by fuller busted women, well familiar with the day-to-day struggles the curvy women come across.

Each time trying to find fashionable and affordable lingerie can become a mission. Ivory Rose Lingerie is similar to Bravissimo but is far more wallet-friendly. It comes in cup sizes DD to G and band sizes 30 to 40.

The Red Unpadded Lace Body is a simple bodysuit that clearly displays the styles and designs favoured by Ivory Rose Lingerie. Its deep neckline and wired cups give support while still being supportive, and the contrasting mesh and lace panels enhance the natural shape of the body for best effect.

Comfortable, stylish, and good value for money; Ivy Rose Lingerie offers all this, and they do it with real flair.


53% Polyamide, 32% Polyester, 15% Elastane

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Ivory Rose:

5. Elomi

Matilda Full Brief


Elomi Lingerie is connected with the heritage brand Wacoal and was founded for bold, modern women of every size. By mixing high-quality materials and forward-thinking designs, Elomi Lingerie offers women underwear that is both comfortable and beautiful at an affordable price. No matter what shape, size or persuasion you are, this brand has covered it all.

The Matilda set is striking, and really offers plus-sized women the support and coverage they need to feel as good as they look.
The high-waisted briefs, in stunning berry pink, accentuate the curve of the waist. It prevents from the ‘muffin top’ stomach roll that low-waisted briefs can give larger women.

And most importantly, they are made of soft and high-quality material. The simple mesh panel design gives and understated and classy sensuality to this set.


67% Nylon/Polyamide, 20% Cotton, 4% Elastane, 9% Polyester

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You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Elomi Lingerie:

6. Cosabella

Magnolia Curvy Bralette


Italian brand Cosabella was founded by a husband and wife team in 1983 and has been a passion project ever since. Designed with the modern woman in mind and hand-finished in Italy, the underwear that Cosabella produces is beautiful and functional. Available up to band size 40 and cup size E (UK), Cosabella lingerie brings an inclusive touch of Italian elegance.

The Magnolia Curvy Bralette embodies Cosabella’s signature sensuality very well. The deep blue lace and purple detailing look classically sexy. The bralette itself offers the perfect amount of support to larger breasted women who want to feel as good as they look!

The broad coverage of the cups also prevents spillage and that rather unpleasant bulging that ill-fitting bras can cause just above the cup line.

In short, Cosabella offers larger women something that few brands do – the opportunity to feel sexy, girlish, and elegant in a bra that is tailored to their shape.


85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

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You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Cosabella:

7. Aerie – American Eagle

Aerie Hibiscus Lace Padded Racerback Bralette


American Eagle has not traditionally been size-inclusive. In fact, this was a bone of contention for body positive influencers for many years until the company launched their ‘Aerie’ brand.

Aerie is American Eagles body-positive olive brand to larger breasted women. And while there are still those who wonder why the brand simply cannot offer larger sizes in their main lines, Aerie now has somewhat of a cult following.

Saying that they offer band sizes up to 36 and cup sizes A to DD may not seem terribly inclusive. Still, it is a big step forward for a brand that has previously specialized in selling the size 00 dream to teens. One great feature, however, is that sizes XL and XXL have a little extra cup coverage for maximum comfort.

The Hibiscus Lace Padded Racerback Bralette shows the type of styles you can expect from Aerie; sweet, feminine, and lightly structured in a dusty, pale blue. A little more sporty than sexy, it is nonetheless a stunning bralette.


91% Nylon, 9% Elastane

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You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at AEO:

8. Playful Promises

Gabi Fresh Willow Puff Sleeve Bra


Playful Promises is a small, UK-based brand which offers stunning, unique lingerie options in a range of sizes. With bras available in band sizes 28 to 44 and cup sizes A to HH, Playful Promises offers women of any shape the opportunity to feel and look amazing.

Better than this, however, they also think consciously about their impact on the world. Playful Promises plants one tree for every order, is working on entirely sustainable packaging, and offers a swimwear line which is made from recycled plastic.

The Gabi Fresh Willow Puff Sleeve bra and panties set beautifully display the unique style of the brand. The beige mesh with its black polka dots and detailing act as a stunning contrast to the understated design, and the draped, off-the-shoulder sleeves make it fun and flirty.

In fact, this bra set shows that lingerie can be both fun and functional for larger chested women (and larger women as a whole).


100% Polyamide

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You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Playful Promises:

9. Thirdlove

24/7™ Lace Balconette Bra


Third Love is a brand which aims to offer styles and sets for women of every shape and size. In fact, they even provide on-site advice for which styles best suit specifics breast shapes (round, slender, asymmetric, etc.).

They offer band sizes 30 to 44 and cup sizes A to I on all of their bras, and their pants come in sizes XS to XXXL, making them very inclusive of all shapes and sizes.

The perfect example is their 24/7 set, revealing the style supported by Third Love. Simple yet beautifully stylish overlaying of lace and cotton in this stunning balconette design is flattering to most breast shapes and feels wonderfully supportive.

Of course, the slightly broader straps and the back band offer better support and a smoother silhouette for even the curviest of women. In short, this is a phenomenal everyday bra from a first-class, inclusive brand that practices what it preaches.


95% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Thirdlove:

10. Savage X Fenty

Mesh Strapless Bra


Savage X Fenty was started by iconic singer Rihanna, who also known for creating the Fenty beauty line. The brand is renowned for offering hugely inclusive sizing and design options. Their band sizes range from 30 to 46, on average, and their line encompasses cup sizes A to H.

The Mesh Strapless Bra is relatively simple, coming in beige, brown, and black, and does not reflect the usual flair of the lingerie the brand offers. However, it does represent the brand, and its inclusivity, in a few fundamental ways – it is pretty, top quality and available to a vast range of body types.

Unlike many strapless bras, this Savage X Fenty model comes with a wider band. This helps not to place undue pressure on the back and avoids the bulges below and above the back strap that thinner alternatives often leave.


100% Polyamide

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Savagex:

Choosing the Right Bra for You

Choosing a bra in the right size and style for you is not as easy as everyone thinks. Band sizes and cup sizes often have to be cross-referenced to give the best fit, and even then it can be hard to get it just right.

There are some basics you should keep in mind, however. First and foremost, the fabric between the cups should touch your abdomen. Secondly, no flesh should bulge or spill over the top of, or out of the sides of, your cups.

The strap of your bra should sit just on or under your shoulder blades, and the straps should have enough given to get one finger under them without trouble. If you make sure that all of this is dealt with, you will find that your bra is comfortable and supportive.


The 10 the best size-inclusive underwear brands we have reviewed bring a breath of fresh air for plus size women. Each one offers a range of beautiful designs in fashionable cuts and colours and a wide array of sizes.

Each of the pieces we picked for our review is a perfect example of the styles and the brands that they represent. Think of them as a sneak-peek into the offerings available from each label!

Why not take a moment to browse a curated selection of what I feel are some of the worlds finest lingerie ranges available today.

Discovering Your Perfect Lingerie

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There may just be the perfect item waiting there for you!

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