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Part of the reason that shapewear has had such a sketchy relationship with the general public in the past is the lack of comfort that early versions suffered from. From whalebone corsets to tight as a vice girdles and the first ‘modern’ shapewear garments which came onto the market during the 1940’s, comfort seemed the last thought on designers minds.

Thankfully, the best shapewear brands of the modern age have taken the concept of combining both shaping and comfort to new heights. Breathable materials, panels which target problem areas, soft-touch finishes, and more choice of style are just a few of the advancements that are now standard.

The new champions of shapewear are bringing it back into vogue by offering a tailored experience for each customer. Of course, getting the best shapewear for you is as much about choosing the right brand as choosing the right type of shaper.

10 Best Shapewear Brands

When asking about the best shapewear brands available today, you’re likely to get a variety of answers. Considering no two women are the same, it makes sense that no two answers will be identical.

This is why we have taken the time of reviewing the many shapewear brands out there whilst asking ourselves who they are actually best for. Coming up next are the 10 best shapewear brands that made it onto our list. The results make interesting reading!

1. Spanx

Even the least fashion-conscious amongst us have heard the name Spanx. An icon in the shapewear world, Spanx opened for business in 1998 and has remained one of the best shapewear brands in the world since then.

Since the revolutionary footless, slimming pantyhose that took Spanx to stardom, they have grown and expanded in every area and now offer one of the largest collections of shapewear on the market,

From light control leg and rear lifters to firm control full body shapers, Spanx offers something for everyone and can be counted as a safe bet of sorts when it comes to buying shapewear.


2. Heist

A relatively new kid on the block that’s making huge waves (nearly Tsunamis, in fact), Heist was founded in reaction to what they see as the nearly universal that women feel towards traditional shapewear and underwear brands.

Launched in 2015 with a few revolutionary products which include soft and durable form sculpting tights and shapewear that claims to take 5cm off of your waistline without discomfort they took the world by storm.

There must be something to their claims, too, because five years later this small but mighty brand is still going from strength to strength with a range of products in nude tones which compliment both fair and dark skin tones!


3. Commando

Commando founder Kerry O’Brien founded the brand in 2003 driven by the belief that the right underwear can make or break how we feel about ourselves. This is why Commando shapewear is beautiful as well as effective.

The simple, seamless designs make use of vibrant colours, soft-touch materials, and a range of styles to ensure that every possible neckline, hemline, and material choice in your wardrobe can be complemented.

The name, too, has a twist; while a Commando is a strong, skilled soldier, the colloquial term ‘going commando’ can also mean to go without underwear.

This couldn’t be more fitting, because while Commando is one of the best shapewear brands for those seeking firm control, its products are also sublimely comfortable… so much so you might forget that you’re wearing them!


4. Maidenform

One of the oldest brands on the list, Maidenform was founded in 1922 and has been considered one of the best shapewear brands in the USA since then.

Renowned for their comfortable and pretty underwear designs, Maidenforms shapewear is fairly simple by contrast. Tending to come in black, white, and beige, they are nonetheless embellished with subtle designs and can be found in a range of styles.

Best for light to medium control, Maidenform offers classic control in styles from simple waist shapers to full bodysuits.


5. Yummie

Launching themselves to Oprah backed stardom with the classic 3-panel tank top, Yummie may have a name that harkens the phrase ‘Yummy Mummy’, but they are definitely for everyone (not just mamas).

By varying control they created something truly revolutionary; a control top that defines the waist without rolling or squashing the bust.

The result? An hourglass curve and total comfort. These days they offer a range of shaping tank tops, high-waist pants, and leggings that exert medium control while remaining light and breezy.


6. Item M6

There is a rule in the world of fashion that for every problem there is one company which provides a high-tech solution; in the world of shapewear, that company is Item M6.

Their war cry is “Tradition and Innovation meet Fashion and Design”, and it’s easy to see why. Though simple in looks, every single one of their products, from their light control tights and booty lifting shorts to their shaping tank tops and firm control bodysuits, is stunningly effective.

This, they claim, is because of their unique technological approach – whatever the reason, the truth is that Item M6 make some of the best shapewear in the world right now!


7. Wolford

Austrian brand Wolford was founded in 1950, and while their processes, materials, and technological capabilities have come a long way since then, they have kept the vintage styles that made them so famous to begin with.

This choice may have seemed questionable in the 2000s, but as retro underwear makes a roaring comeback they have been vindicated.

The simple and understated designs, with their nude colour palettes, and seamless finish have proven to be enduringly popular.

In technological terms, however, they are miles ahead; Wolford shapewear is breathable, comfortable, effective, and, as of 2018, some of it even biodegradable!


8. MiracleSuit

While most shapewear is meant to be hidden away under our clothes, Miraclesuit started with the idea of a shapewear product that would make women feel amazing while being meant to be seen.

What is it? Swimwear!

For those who have confidence issues, the idea of stripping down to a swimsuit can be daunting, but Miraclesuit have made a range of one and two-piece suits which are pretty, durable, and make you look up to 10lbs slimmer! On top of this, they also offer traditional swimwear – what more could we ask for?


9. Wacoal

A firm friend to the curvaceous woman since 1946, Wacoal is a brand name synonymous with quality and style. With sizes ranging from cup size AA – F and back sizes from 30-44, Wacoal caters to most women and offer effective shapewear that is both comfortable and beautiful.

Perhaps their most popular product is the ‘good up girdle’ which firms, lifts, slims, and shapes the thighs, rear, and waist.

Coming in a range of nude tones, the shapewear selection isn’t the most exciting. However, this is some of the most effective shapewear for those who want medium to firm control with a seamless finish.

Perhaps the best thing about Wacoal, however, is that they embrace curves; their shapewear will smooth and firm, but won’t try to squash your natural shape into submission. No blocky results here!


10. Rago

Founded by Jack Rago and Matty Marchisella in 1945, Rago has prided itself on innovation and stand-out looks since the day they opened. With the tag line ‘not your grandmothers’ corset’, they know what they’re about, and it’s not boring shapewear.

Today they offer over 300 silhouettes to suit every form and desired goal. Their feminine and pretty designs, featuring classic lace patterns and retro looks, are in fashion right now thanks to the vintage style girdles they offer, but they offer so much more than just that.

From high-waisted leg shapers to shaper panties and waist trainers, Rago still has the most diverse range on the market.

No list would be complete without Rago; they are undoubtedly one of the best shapewear brands in the world right now. After all, there’s a reason they survived the shapewear slump of the ’70s!



Even fancy corsets can offer excellent shaping properties

The best shapewear brands no longer use overly tight elastic and under-performing spandex used in the early days. Back then, many women were left with elastic marks on their skin, and the distinct feeling of being ‘hemmed-in’ all evening is now a distant memory.

In today’s world, more of us than ever are ‘brand conscious’. We care about the ethical pedigree, moral outlook, and heritage of our brands. In short, the game is changing.

Although their ethical status do vary; Wolford, for example, is one of the first companies to put out biodegradable textiles.

So, we know that you’re going to look at the bigger picture when you choose your shapewear, we just want to urge you to also think of yourself. When we slip into shapewear it needs to be comfortable, breathable, and confidence-inspiring, and with so much choice out there finding a brand that meets your personal and moral requirements is easier than ever!

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