I.D. Sarrieri Bodysuit Review


I.D. Sarrieri luxury lingerie delivers incredible style and elegance. Founded in 1992 by Romanian-born, Parisian Iulia Dobrin, the couture lingerie brand is best known for their gorgeous designs and comfort. Glamorous, with high attention to detail, the I. D. Sarrieri bodysuit promotes femininity, inviting its wearer to experience the feeling of a sexiest and most empowered self.

Delicate fabrics decorated in lavish lace are precisely embroidered with precious silks allow this opulent lingerie to stand out. Chantilly lace, softest tulle and a variety of other materials ensure a spectacular lingerie collection.

Designed to be seen, these exceptional quality pieces of true art will add a seductive touch to your outfit. The right underwear can boost your confidence in every way. Sophisticated and luxurious, with innovative cuts to intensify your natural sensuality, these lingerie pieces detail exclusive, eye-catching patterns and exceptional craftsmanship. They bring together contemporary taste and everlasting, timeless style.

10 Best I.D. Sarrieri Bodysuits

In today’s article, we review the 10 best I.D. Sarrieri bodysuits, discuss the design of each garment in detail, plus their overall composition. There are an incredible array of I.D. Sarrieri bodysuits, so let’s help you choose the right one.

1. Questa Sera Bodysuit


Questa Sera as the name suggests is an intriguing invitation to “this evening”, a romantic night full of warmth and intimacy.

This eye-catching bodysuit in gorgeous floral lace is beautifully embroidered on the sheer tulle. It is supported with a soft and flexible boning to the sides to give the garment additional support.

The V-shape neckline is covered in a semi-sheer panelling over the plunge bra underwired cups. Also features a luxurious embroidered edge with a lush scalloped lace. Adjustable shoulder straps join the silk satin panelling at the back where the stretchy jersey panels cross to the front of the bodice to beautifully detail the curve of your waist.

Fully lined, lightweight and stretchy, the Questa Sera bodysuit is easy to slips on and off. Secured with a zip to the side the garment gracefully contours its wearer’s silhouette.

This luxuriously stylish lingerie piece will create an attractive look, stimulating a deep romantic sensation of seduction. Perfect to wear from day to evening, this daring showstopper will look extremely elegant worn under the blazer with a lavish scalloped lace peeking from underneath. Match it with a killer heels to complete your look.


55% polyamide, 25% viscose, 5% silk, 5% cotton, 5% polyester, 5% elastane.

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2. Le Desir Open Back Bodysuit


This open-back bodysuit in the finest quality Chantilly lace is a perfect example of true artisanship. Gorgeous rich purple colour lace spreads beautifully over the silky skin colour sheer tulle, finding its way across the body and creating a charmingly tasteful pattern.

Fully underlined in delicate stretchy fabric, Le Desir bodysuit fits the body like a glove, gently embracing it in its pleasantly smooth warmness, creating an elegant, graceful silhouette.

Sheer chest panel surrounding the breasts made of soft, stretchy material, form a clean line shape, securely enveloping your bust in this extremely comfortable fit. The Halterneck gives the upper body enough support and the elasticated satin silk shoulder straps crossing at the back, form an attractive décolleté.

Silky opaque panels join together at the back forming nice shape around the hips, with a small zipper neatly securing the bodice down the lower back.

Smart and sophisticated, this charmingly stylish piece of lingerie can equally be chosen as your daytime outfit as well as the nightwear piece. It would form an enchanting, and intimately captivating look, that would add flirtatious elegance, both intriguing and inviting.


51% Polyamide; 32% Viscose; 8% Elastane; 9% Polyester

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3. Golden Tulip Bodysuit


The classic colours of black and gold make this Golden Tulip bodysuit stand out, giving it an extravagant evening look.

Incredibly soft to touch with the floral lace overlay beautifully embroidered in the gorgeous intricate gold the bodice is a masterpiece of the craftsmanship. Detailing lovely patterns this stylish bodysuit features semi-sheer tule inserts to the sides, with an elastic fabric nicely laid around the V shape neckline and the bikini area.

Two-part triangle cups layered with lavish French Leavers lace, contoured nicely to the body shape. They lightly lift the breasts providing enough comfort and support. The luxurious scallop-edged lace decorating the neckline provides an attractive look.

Sheer tulle back panel is secured with an adjustable silk satin shoulder straps and features discreet side cutouts with the scalloped lace edging along the bottom line.

Extremely flattering and extravagant Golden Tulip bodysuit is a must-have for any lingerie lover. Add a touch of a royal magnificence to your wardrobe and release the goddess in you!


40% Polyamide; 30% Viscose; 15% Silk; 10% Cotton; 5% Polyester

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4. Desert Rose Bodysuit


Opulent would be an understatement to say when it comes to describing the Desert Rose bodysuit by I.D.Sarrieri. The precision, the attention to detail that went into creating this astonishing lingerie collection, and the most beautiful and delicate finish, this is what makes it a pure luxury.

Crafted with the finest French Chantilly lace in a combination with the softest satin silk, the Desert Rose bodysuit reveals the finest details of this magnificent sheer construction. The contrasting panels of the bodice unfold the silhouette, softly surrounding the body in its opulent lavishness, creating that special feeling and comfort.

Dazzling in its sparkling rose-gold construction this sensuous piece of lingerie features a complex baroque composition, influence of which came from the flowers and shells. It truly shines through with glamour and glitz when combined with the finest silk, lace and tulle, creating that unique magnificent look.

Don’t keep this irresistibly gorgeous creation just for yourself – show it off! Dress up for the night out, pairing it with a nice blazer and a lovely pair of high heels and make those heads turn!


60% Silk; 14% Viscose; 11% Polyester; 10% Polyamide; 5% Elastane

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5. Midnight Delights Bodysuit


Beautiful visions arise when it comes to this latest contemporary lingerie piece. A renewed version of the previous I.D. Sarrieri Wonderland Delights collection this Midnight Delights bodysuit is like a romantic fantasy story about the delightfully fragrant, gorgeous flowers spread across the fields, nurtured by the earth and rain under the hot summer’s sun.

Stunning embroidery detailing delicate flowers sprinkled all across this finest tulle in a gentle translucent nude colour. Screams out the femininity, promoting and manifesting a charming enchantment by creating this truly wonderful handcrafted piece of modern art.

Fully lined, stretchy and feather-light, the multi-coloured bodysuit features elasticated silk satin shoulder straps and soft bra cups. Gently lifts and supports your breasts. Secured with the zip to one side the Midnight Delights bodice is very easy to slip on or off, perfectly designed for a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Sheer construction richly detailed in this eye-pleasing pattern, gracefully dusting the skin envisions the beauty of the female body, celebrating confidence and inner strength.

Enjoy the fantasy of the Midnight Delights and immerse yourself in this glamorous experience of power and beauty.


57% Polyamide; 27% Viscose; 16% Cotton

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6. Bohemian Sundays Bodysuit


Take a look at this stunning showstopper from I.D. Sarrieri! This vigorous, full of energy and life bodysuit in dazzling green is a picture-perfect, magnificent work of art.

Designed for a nature-loving, free at heart, liberated woman, the Bohemian Sundays bodysuit is a very striking piece of lingerie.

Pretty, in rich dark emerald green colour, the bodice features V-neck design and is beautifully layered over with a lavish baroque silk lace cutouts. Semi stretch fabric allows easy slip on and lays softly around the body supporting and underlining the curves of the waistline.

Lovely lace panel detailing at the back gives it a pleasing look with a luxury lace gracefully surrounding and detailing the delicate chest line. Adjustable satin straps give additional support completing the look of this lovely bodice.

Give yourself a little treat and indulge into the Baroque age with this I.D.Sarrieri Bohemian Sunday bodysuit. Sometimes we just want something extra special and this gorgeously delightful piece will give you all this and more, awaiting your senses for the week ahead.

Top Notes:

40% Polyamide; 30% Polyester; 15% Cotton; 10% Silk 5% Elastane

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7. Nuit Interdit Bodysuit with Swarovski Elements


Certainly has all the precise ingredients to ensure a timeless design. The Nuit Interdit Bodysuit is an exquisite and most elegant piece, the finest example of the Haute Couture lingerie.

Rows of Swarovski crystals arranged neatly on this translucent, finest quality tulle create an element of luxury making this bodice a truly outstanding piece in the collection. Seductively glimmering with teasing sparkles the crystals highlight the beauty of the body curves putting them right on the spotlight.

Just the right amount of transparency on this inviting bodysuit will surround you with an opulent elegance, boosting the confidence and giving that very special feeling of a deep romantic sensation.

Sleeveless, with a softly rounded neckline and beautifully arranged Swarovski crystals creating a lovely pattern, the bodice will be a symbol of the intimacy. Sparkling chest line draws attention to the bust, praising and flattering its beauty.

Look no further and choose this dazzling, seductively intriguing Nuit Interdit bodysuit, a staple piece in every lingerie lover’s closet. This remarkable piece will pray your natural beauty and indulge your intimate senses, making you the queen of the night.


67% Polyamide; 20% Cotton; 13% Elastane

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8. Truly Sophisticated Bodysuit


The bodysuit from I.D. Sorrieri’s Truly Sophisticated collection is a true example of an exceptional style and grace.
Made of a delicate burgundy red Chantilly lace beautifully embroidered on a soft, translucent, finest quality tulle this exciting bodysuit shouts luxury from every angle.

Eye-pleasing and subtle this extraordinary piece of lingerie is made for a strong-willed, passionate and sexy woman. It is created for a woman who is up for a challenge, is passionate and knows what she wants in life and knows how to enjoy it. The idea behind the design is; to be enjoyed, to get an inspiration from and to celebrate. To raise a toast and salute your life achievements.

High-quality bodysuit handcrafted from luxurious fabrics details incredible attention to detail and outstanding artisanship. Gorgeous pattern spread across the garment features a rich, original design that takes us through this exciting journey of craftsmanship.

Cut out panels and soft tulle shoulder straps create a romantic look with underwired support providing desired comfort and luxury. Flirtingly inviting, opulent and sexy, this Truly Sophisticated bodysuit will make those full of romance nights the nights to remember.


55% Polyamide; 25% Viscose; 5% Silk; 5% Cotton; 5% Polyester; 5% Elastane

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9. Annabelle Bodysuit


Meet the Annabelle Bodysuit in Wild Violet, an absolute stunner! Every I.D. Sarrieri lingerie collection has its character and displays incredible attention to detail. The quality and beautiful finish, which would not be achieved without a huge determination, hours and hours of work and long years of experience.
Each piece of lingerie is carefully crafted to Haute Couture standards, where quality and design will not be compromised.

Gorgeously crafted Anabelle bodysuit is constructed using high-end luxury materials and beautiful embroidery, detailing stunning floral patterns and baroque ornaments.
Lavish Chantilly lace creates an almost a tattoo-like effect, softly spreading its romantic motifs across the translucent fabric. Satin panels nicely curve the sides of the bodice creating an hourglass silhouette.

Double satin adjustable shoulder straps are slightly elasticated for a perfect fit, with the soft underlining allowing an easy slip on and off of the garment.

Extremely sophisticating and sexy, the bodysuit would be perfect for either day or night wear, romantically seducing with its aesthetically alluring look.


40% Polyamide; 30% Viscose; 15% Silk; 10% Cotton; 5% Elastane

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10. La Naissance d’Aphrodite Bodysuit


Triangle Cup bodysuit from an iconic La Naissance d’Aphrodite collection delivers an ultimate opulence and timeless couture, which is a firm foundation of I.D. Sarrieri. Its founder Julia Dobrin, put together a brand which targets exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic contemporary designs that would stand the test of time.

Subtle, sensuous and elegant, this black silk and cotton blend bodice displays an astonishing embroidery, patterns of which scattered across the translucent tulle, create the most beautiful design.

Sheer construction flirtatiously reveals the skin, framing your body in this charming perfection, tastefully revealing the grace and elegance of your body. Triangular shape soft cups covered in lovely lace detail, gently embrace the bust, supporting and protecting it, coquettishly peeking its curves through the fine fabric.

Fully lined and secured with the zip to one side for a snug fit, the bodysuit also features an open back and adjustable semi-stretchy shoulder straps for extra support.

This graceful, luxurious piece of lingerie would compliment any lingerie lover’s closet or make a perfect gift for your loved one, making it an exquisite piece that can be enjoyed wearing day or night.


Polyamide 40%, Viscose 30%, Silk 15%, Cotton 10%, Polyester 5%

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With exceptional quality, each of these garments that have made it into my 10 Best I. D. Sarrieri bodysuits article is designed to be both remarkable and become an exclusive item for your wardrobe.

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A team of dedicated artisans work together for over 60 years sharing their skills and knowledge. Each season they deliver fresh ideas that help to expand brand’s collection.

Vast experience in lingerie making and long hours of dedicated work allows I.D.Sarrieri ateliers to explore new ways and techniques, to create and offer the very best in lingerie design.

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Elegance comes in many forms and I.D. Sarrieri is one of them. Classic, with a touch of modernity this spectacular lingerie will stand a test of time and would be a boost of fresh air to your boudoir.

Add an alluring touch to your outfit by combining this chic, irresistibly sexy lingerie and the attractive pret-a-porter pieces with styles that are meant to be seen, and you will never be short of compliments whilst wearing it!

Why not take a moment to browse a curated selection of what I feel are some of the worlds finest lingerie ranges available today.

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There may just be the perfect item waiting there for you!


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