Benefits Of Wearing Shapewear


Shapewear hasn’t always been viewed with the positivity that it enjoys in our modern age. This is partly because old-fashioned shapewear was rather uncomfortable, coupled with the negative way in which society first viewed those who chose to wear shapewear.

Even today there are those people who presume that shapewear is only for ‘plus-size’ people. This is simply not true. There are huge benefits of wearing shapewear on a regular basis for all of us. No matter if you are as thin as a rake or on the curvier side, we can all suffer from a lack of confidence from time to time. Shapewear to the rescue?

14 Benefits Of Wearing Shapewear

Shapewear comes in more forms, sizes, and designs than ever before, and the message is becoming clear; shapewear is for everyone. There’s no need to hide it in the back of your wardrobe, nor is there any reason to be embarrassed. Here are 14 benefits of wearing shapewear daily, weekly, or whenever you damn well please, actually!

1. Shapewear Makes You Look Slimmer

Depending upon the level of control you choose, shapewear can make you look 3 to 10 lbs slimmer. So, whether you’re feeling a little bloated thanks to an awkward time of the month or a heavy meal, or you simply have a few extra pounds on your frame, shapewear could be the answer you have been looking for.

By smoothing your silhouette and applying light to firm control to various parts of your body (depending on the style of shapewear that you choose) shapewear can give you the slimmer figure you have been dreaming of.

In fact, these days you can get shapewear which focuses on the parts of your body that you are most concerned with!

2. It Can Decrease Your Waistline

Obviously shapewear enhances curves and slims your waistline while you are wearing it, but there are those who also say that it can help you to lose inches off of your waist in the long-term by aiding fat loss.

Whether or not this is true has been debated, but it is certainly the case that many shapewear brands use the same materials used by spas in their slimming wraps and treatments.

Spa and beauty professionals say that the friction and extra heat around the areas affected can cause more sweating and therefore the loss of water weight (which combats the appearance of bloating) and even fat.

3. Combats Cellulite

Shapewear certainly hides the visible presence of cellulite (in the same way that it slims your waist and legs) when worn by smoothing and toning your form.

However, some manufacturers such as Scala Shapewear claim that their shaping products is actually effective in the overall reduction of cellulite. The friction and heat produced by wearing shapewear can aid in the dispersion of the fat deposits which cause cellulite.

Whether or not this is entirely true is debated, but there are plenty of people across the world who swear that it is true!

4. No Visible Panty Lines

No matter how confident you are in your body, the appearance of your knicker/panty line can be a real downer. Sometimes even a thong is not the complete answer. The presence of these lumps, bumps, and blemishes in an outfit can not only make you self-conscious and insecure all day, but they can ruin the lines of a perfectly fitting outfit.

Good shapewear removes unwanted lines and is entirely invisible under you clothing so that you can focus on the clothes you want to showcase (rather than your underwear).

5. Compatible With Form-Fitting Clothes

Tight, form-fitting clothes like pencil skirts, leggings, and bodycon dresses can show imperfections in the slimmest and fittest of people, and while this modern age is (quite rightly) all about embracing your body in its entirety, it can be easy to feel insecure about these little bumps.

On days where you want to slay that bodycon dress, but you also want just a little help shapewear could be your very best friend and open your form-fitting wardrobe back up for consideration.

6. Widens Your Wardrobe Choices

If you are self-conscious and let your lumps and bumps define your wardrobe choices, wearing shapewear regularly could help you to embrace a wider range of fashions and really rock your own style.

After all, fashion is about expressing yourself, not hiding the tiny flaws that most other people will never notice. So, invest in a few different styles and let your imagination run free!

7. Provides Support

Most obviously, shapewear supports the breasts, rear, and stomach There has also been some research that firm shapewear can aid in recovery after the formation of hernias, and relieve the pain caused by varicose veins.

You should keep in mind that such benefits are only found when you are wearing the right size and firmness of shapewear. Items which are too tight or firm, or not firm enough, will either provide no support or could increase the issue by being applying too much pressure. This is debated, however, so be sure to talk to your doctor if you have any serious conditions.

10. Boosts Your Confidence

Body confidence is a tricky subject for most people; while we would all love to exude Lizzo levels of self-love and confidence, there are days where this is hard.

Shapewear gives you the confidence to rock that self-loving attitude even on your low days when every lump and bump feels like a mountain. Of course, when you feel more confident a whole host of other benefits come flooding your way.

8. Improves Posture and Core Strength

The right shapewear can aid in the formation of good posture and strong core muscles by correcting bad habits when worn regularly. The same is true of corsets. This improved posture is not a direct result of the shapewear itself, but rather a knock-on effect caused by the way it changes your behaviour. When you become used to standing in a certain way for comfort while wearing it, this posture carries over into the rest of your life

9. Gives an Elegant and Polished Appearance

While there’s nothing wrong with a few curves and bumps, it is impossible to deny that a smoothe silhouette, especially in unforgiving materials like silk, looks far more elegant and polished.

When you want to wear something made of light, silky fabric, or something which is very form-fitting the right shapewear makes you look (and feel) effortlessly sophisticated.

11. Makes You Feel More Attractive

Along with this increased confidence is a greater appreciation for your own looks; with a little help to remove small flaws, you can transform an ‘ugh’ day into a day where you truly appreciate your own beauty and blessings. More than this, however, good shapewear doesn’t just minimise issues, but rather it enhances strengths making you and feel like the work of art you truly are.

12. Encourages Positivity

It’s easier to have a positive outlook on your day when you feel comfortable and think that you look good, so while it may seem trite to say that shapewear can make you more bubbly and positive… it is actually true.

Not because shapewear is some kind of magical happiness creator, but because it allows you to be you without worrying about inconsequential things like your panty line, bloating, or a few extra pounds on your hips.

13. Makes Dating Fun Again

Dates, particularly first dates, can be incredibly daunting. We spend so much time wondering if the person across the table from us like the way we look, dress, and speak that adding worries about a little pouch or some love handles to the equation can be too much.

With that in mind, there’s nothing wrong with putting some shapewear on under your dress or skirt to make sure that you can stop working about thigh spread and start thinking about the person you’re out with.

14. Improves Your Love Life

Another seemingly unlikely benefit that is actually true, the improvement that shapewear can bring to your love life is (once again) not really about the product, but about how it makes you feel. With less focus on your extra tummy, your love handles, or the way your breasts sit you can instead enjoy the moment fully (whatever that moment is).

Anyone can tell you that romance is best enjoyed shamelessly and fully; by giving you a little boost of confidence, shapewear leaves you to be your charming self without filter or inhibition.


At the end of the day, fashion is about you. Your body, your style, your outfits; your choice. There are dozens of reasons to choose shapewear, whether you just want a smooth silhouette, or you need a little boost every now and then.

With that said, there’s no reason as to why you must wear it; if you love your lumps and bumps just as they are then you don’t need shapewear, no matter what outfit you choose, no matter what anyone else says. All that matters is pleasing yourself!

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